Ronald McDonald House Picture Day Project

Empowering special kids through pictures

Your gift can help a child who is hurting gain a renewed sense of strength and courage!  Help us create priceless smiles and capture precious memories of kids and families at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham, NC. 



Eight years ago, my husband and I were blessed to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham while our twins, born as preemies, were being treated at Duke Children’s Hospital.  Now we own a small photography studio in Angier, NC, and we’ve teamed up with some amazing people who are passionate about our cause to give something back.

This project first began as a simple, short event, where we took photos after the monthly Birthday Party that they hold at RMH Durham.  We gave out small, instant 4×6 photos at that event.  We knew the kids would want pictures in their favorite backgrounds, and they did, and so did their families!  We met some wonderful people there at RMH, and discovered that some of the families had been staying there for nearly a year.  They had missed out on family photos due to being there for their kids to get medical treatments, so they were thrilled to get even the small printed photo.  

One 4×6 photo is great, but don’t they deserve more?  These are families who are constantly going back and forth to the hospital with their kids in tow to receive life-saving, yet exhausting, medical treatments.  In some cases, they are hundreds of miles away from other family members and loved ones, their jobs and livelihoods, and their homes.  We believe they deserve the absolute best, and that’s what we’d like to give them.  

With your help, we can do just that!

Puzzle Fox Studios specializes in green screen photography.  Using this technology, we can create fun and unique portraits that the RMH kids and families love!  With your help, we can give each family a personal photo session and professional print package – the kind that many of them have missed out on while staying at the House.


We need to raise $8,500 total to provide a professional portrait session, on the green screen, complete with a great package to the 55 families at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham.  This is the package that will be offered to the families FREE OF CHARGE, if our campaign is successful:

1 11×14 fine art portrait

2 8x10s

4 5x7s

16 wallets

Online gallery of photos to share

1 Archival Gold CD containing all their images

The families will be able to mix and match the prints, too!  Not all prints will have to be of the same image — we don’t believe in those kinds of restrictions on portrait packages at Puzzle Fox Studios.  We want the families to have the freedom to pick and choose every image that goes on every print.  We’ll also give them up to 5 instant 4×6 prints right on the spot so they will have something to show off right away!  

The actual cost to produce the prints in the package above is $82.  We figured an average cost per perk, including shipping, at about $32.  That brings the total up to $114.  Then we have to account for the percentage that Indiegogo deducts from what we bring in, which will be roughly $14 on a per package basis.  Creating an archival gold CD adds another $7 bringing the total to $135.  Packaging, shipping, and handling to deliver each photo package to the families we estimate at $15.  This brings the grand total to produce ONE package to $150.  (150 packages X 55 families = $8,250)  We then need to buy a few costumes, and most importantly, we need to be able to properly sterilize both costumes and props to keep the kids safe and healthy.  The average costume at Party City is around $30, and it costs about $130 for a professional grade steamer.  Four costumes and a steamer bring the total cost of the project up to $8,500.


The impact of our project can be huge!  It goes far beyond just giving photo sessions and packages.  The kids at the RMH are amazing, and it’s inspiring just to be near them, but you know that the treatments must surely be taking a toll on their little bodies.  We can put them in a photograph with the HULK or transport them to a wondrous fantasy like ALICE’S WONDERLAND.  They can take the pictures with them and put them up in hospital rooms to look at while they are there.  These pictures can become a real source of hope for these kids, and a happy memory for their families.  

Maybe we can’t cure them, but we can give them something awesome!  If you could transfer even an ounce of your own strength to a child who is hurting, wouldn’t you do it?  As a Mom, I would do it in a heartbeat!  Any time one of my kids gets hurt, I want nothing more than to take away their pain and help them find the strength to overcome whatever it is.  If we can bring even one child a renewed sense of strength and courage to get through the day with one picture, isn’t it worth the cost?


For helping us reach our goal, we have chosen some of our favorite photos from our collection of images.  We are offering limited edition prints, including 2 of North Carolina lighthouses on the Outer Banks, and also some fabulous panoramic images.  In addition, we’ve picked out some great novelty items that we’ll customize with some other fantastic photographic images. The item descriptions are located to the right in our list of perks, and to see the images, take a peek in our gallery.  

For a donation of just $25, you can get a fabulous lighthouse keychain that really lights up!  A colorful wildlife magnet for just $20, and at the $40 level, we’re offering some press printed playing cards adorned with the iconic Peggy’s Cove or a unique water bottle sporting a gorgeous North Carolina mountain waterfall.


There are SIX Ronald McDonald Houses in North Carolina, and hundreds in the United States.  Quite simply, the more money we raise, the more families we can touch.  Every single dollar raised in this campaign will be used for the benefit of the kids and their families.

Smiles do indeed make a difference, even if just for a few moments, and these kids and families deserve all the smiles we can give them.

Ronald McDonald House Picture Day Project




We understand that everyone may not be able to contribute to our campaign financially, but you can still help us by sharing it with others!


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